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Review of "Ever Is Over All"

I recently viewed a video that caught my attention, "Ever Is Over All" by Pipilotti Rist. It features two women, one in blue and the other in orange, walking down a street while wielding hammers. Rather than shattering the car windows they strike, the glass explodes into a shower of flower petals. The video explores the idea of violence and beauty and challenges gender roles and expectations.

What struck me about the video was its juxtaposing violence and beauty with the car windows shattering into delicate flowers. The two women seemed to be breaking away from traditional gender roles as they joyfully smashed car windows and created something beautiful. The video's use of color and sound was also captivating, with the women's clothing and the flowers adding to the visual appeal. The sound of the hammers hitting the glass created a visceral effect.

Compared to television, this video offers a more abstract exploration of its themes, rather than a linear narrative structure. It challenges viewers to think about the relationship between violence and beauty and the potential for women to take control and disrupt traditional gender roles. Overall, "Ever Is Over All" is an engaging and thought-provoking work of art.


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