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My take on Arrival, Starring Amy Adams

One of the most striking scenes in the movie Arrival is when Louise Banks (played by Amy Adams) first enters the alien spacecraft. The shot is set up so that we see the back of Louise's head as she approaches the entrance of the spaceship. The camera follows her as she makes her way through the cloud of fog that surrounds the spacecraft. This creates a sense of mystery and apprehension as we wonder what lies ahead.

As she enters the spacecraft, the lighting changes dramatically from natural light to a warm amber glow. This creates a sense of warmth and comfort, which starkly contrasts the coldness and fear we felt just moments before. The camera cuts to different angles to show Louise's reaction to what she sees. Her awe and amazement are palpable, and the cuts between her face and the alien spacecraft give us a sense of the scale and grandeur of the ship's interior.

The music in this scene is also noteworthy. The eerie, otherworldly sounds create an atmosphere of tension and mystery. As Louise approaches the aliens, the music shifts to a more hopeful tone, which sets the stage for the more uplifting moments of the film.

This scene is both dramatic and awe-inspiring. The technical details, lighting, camera angles, and music contribute to the overall effect. The sense of mystery and wonder we feel as Louise enters the spacecraft is a testament to the filmmakers' skill.

If I rewrite this scene, I will change the lighting to even more otherworldly. I would also add more camera angles to show the vastness of the spacecraft's interior. Additionally, I would change the music to be even more otherworldly, perhaps incorporating some unusual instruments or sound effects.

Regarding the plot, I suggest changing the aliens to be even more different and exotic than they already are. This would make the scene even more awe-inspiring and mysterious. I might also change Louise's reaction to the aliens to be more fearful and apprehensive before she eventually sees them more positively.

Overall, these changes would make the scene even more dramatic and impactful. The sense of awe and wonder we feel as Louise enters the spacecraft would be even more pronounced, and the changes in lighting, music and camera angles would heighten the mystery and tension.


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