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Unfortunate Traveler

Brandon had always been fascinated by the idea of time travel. As a child, he would daydream about exploring the past and meeting historical figures. As an adult, he had become obsessed with the concept, spending hours researching the latest theories and technologies.

One day, while scrolling through his social media feed, Brandon came across a post from a well-known scientist announcing the first successful human time travel experiment. Without hesitation, Brandon applied to participate and, to his surprise, was accepted. (A)

Brandon arrived at the laboratory on the experiment's day, feeling excited and nervous. The scientist explained the process, which involved being sent back in time for a brief period, then returning to the present. Brandon eagerly signed the waiver, eager to experience the thrill of time travel.

As he lay down in the time travel device, Brandon felt a surge of energy and suddenly found himself transported to 1865, right amid the American Civil War. Looking around in amazement, he realized he had been placed in the middle of the Battle of Appomattox.

At first, Brandon was filled with awe, watching the soldiers march back and forth across the battlefield. But as he began to take in the full scope of the situation, he realized his danger. He quickly tried to activate the device to return to the present, but it malfunctioned, leaving him stranded in the past. (X)

Brandon quickly realized that he needed to adapt to survive. He disguised himself as a Union soldier and joined their ranks, using his knowledge of history to stay one step ahead of the Confederates. As he fought alongside his new comrades, Brandon began to understand the cost of war and the sacrifices made by those who had fought before him.

Days turned into weeks, and eventually, Brandon's ruse was discovered by the enemy. He was taken prisoner and sentenced to hang as a spy. Brandon closed his eyes as he stood on the gallows, facing his imminent death, prepared to meet his fate.

But then, he felt a jolt of energy and suddenly found himself in the present, lying in the time travel device. As he sat up, gasping for breath, he realized he had been given a new perspective on history and one person's impact on the world. Brandon knew that he would never forget his time in the past and vowed to use his newfound knowledge to make a difference in the present. (B)

Plot Elements: (A) Brandon's obsession with time travel and applying for the experiment (X) Brandon's time travel malfunctioning and being stuck in the past (B) Brandon's return to the present with a new perspective on history and the world

Additional Plot Element: Rising Action (as Brandon adapts to survive in the past and faces increasing danger)


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